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God & Reality

In one of my last classes of the semester, we were talking about how some people are proving God does exist. One of the major logical arguments against God is that God made everything but something had to make God or come before God. I recently heard an argument that refutes that.

There is supposed to be a 4th dimension. We live in the 3rd dimension with our idea of time. To us, time is lateral so it moves in a pattern like this.

God, or whatever higher power that runs the universe exist outside of time so I imagine it's something more like this.

Since humans can only experience what they know, we cannot concieve of a world that is separate from time. It is unfathomable to us but exists nonetheless with rules different from our own. IN much science fiction, it was spoken of as a place of either time or space or an entirely different world or reality.

I know there is something out there b/c an old professor of mine had a near death experience and she was basing her doctoral thesis on Near Death Experiencers. Only a tiny fraction of them actually saw a bright white light so they did not know exactly what it was until much longer afterward, including my professor. There are some things they seem to have in common like a different energy about their body that makes batteries drain faster around them, allegedly why clocks and watches never worked well with my professor too close by. There some very fascinating information about the subject on Wikipedia.

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Unoriginal Cinema

I recently noticed (with a little reserach) that almost all the movies that are currently released are usually either  based on a book,  graphic novel/comic book, musical/play, old TV show or a remake. Otherwise they are either slashers or screwball comedies which aren't that hard to write. Does anyone know of any films that came out recently that are original ideas?
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basically everyone on livejournal ever should join this community-


..not so much "random facts" (which are cool, but theres like bah-zillion LJ communities dedicated to that), but more focused on potentially life-changing tips/hints that we pick up daily and continue to use. I just started it, join if it seems like something youd be into/could contribute to!

Plus it has an awesome user icon that I feel really sums up the essence of its purpose.

:insert any due apoligies here for my wasting 9 seconds of your time, if you so feel necessary:

-danielle .


One day on the street I saw walking past me a man wearing a T-shirt that said "Physically Unattached" yet he was holding the hand of his girlfriend.
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Life is...

Life is like bumming a cigarette: you never know what you're gonna get. You may luck out and be given a delectably long-lasting Newport 100, or perhaps an equally wondrous Parliament. Things can't always be perfect, and sometmes you get handed a Marlboro 72. And it seems when you most need that Newport 100, some money-conscious hippie gives you a hand-rolled, filterless American Spirit, at which point you'll end up eating more of it than you're able to smoke.
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It was the reign of popsicles

Me : I think I'm turning into a popsicle
Friend : What flavor?
Me : my legs have joined to ultimately form one wooden stick
Friend : pericotal orchidy orange
Me : with a hint of mint at the end
Friend : Which end?
Me : the stick end
Me : or the end of eating..
Me : would you buy me?
Friend : You're priceless.
Me : I love a virgin consumer
Me : ^_^
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It hurts to cough

A bleeding or let alone corrosive heart can be felt.
Though it can not be detected by way of medical examination, for it is metaphysical, it is ever present.
It stings with a pH of -23.

The lungs are such bearers of doom.
If mucus shall clog them, be prepared to feel the sting of a cough
or two..
or three..
and spit.
Cold, flu?
Who cares?
It all tastes the same,
that salty, metallic flavour with a hint of sourness.
Just enough to always be able to identify it:

Those two organs communicate despite one such 'organ' being part of the more metaphysical.
They trudge and bear every burden,
I should be so thankful
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This has to be the first time I have every seen two things that I love together. Random things and popsicles. If I may join this community and post random items with perchance an icy flavor. Then I hope to. I am a good kid really. I have to say. Did you know that George Washington's jaw plate was made out of hippopotamus bone?
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A moth on rye,
almost fit for a salivating mouth,
fluttered its wings like broad lashes
and I felt it vocalized
"You are the worst vegetarian."

Did it expect me to bring the rye to mouth?
I am still selective.
My appetite does not make me..
savage, carnal -
it is selective
as is my notion
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