sweetblckcherry (sweetblckcherry) wrote in thoughtsrandom,

Six Word Memoirs

Can you sum up your life in six words?

Hemingway told an incredibly rich story in just six words: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." At SMITH magazine, thousands of people are following suit. Enough people, unknown and well known, have done this that two books have been released: Not Quite What I Was Planning and Six Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak.

I don't know how to condense my life into six simple words but I can add something to the love & heartbreak book: "You love me just because. Thanks." Read them and try it for yourself. It's really quite interesting to see what stands out as the most important thing about your life, love, relationship or pivotal moments.

You can even transform your favorite mini-memoir, or your own mini-memoir into one of the most personal T-Shirts you'll ever have. If you look at all the shirt and text sizes, shapes and styles, your shirt will be as unique as what it says. I'm wondering how good "without me, it is just aweso" will look on a gray background...

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