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Mixed Marriages

We have all heard about mixed marriages/relationships: economically, racially, age, region, family history and a litany of other things that have become acceptable to mix as time has moved forward. However, an article I read in an old issue of Time showcased one mixed marriage that still draws less than pleasant reactions. Read it here, it's not very long and pretty funny.

The thing is that many people from past generations find mixed relationships still somewhat odd. Many old money, important name families in New England still don't support mixing economically and many places don't support racially mixing. My SO is black and I'm white and the only issues we've had is with old school white folk. We went to a strawberry festival a few weeks ago at a Methodist church (we don't belong to it) in a semi-rural area of surburbia. We drew a few stares according to him but the gazers quickly relaxed after looking around and figuring out that this was normal. Oddly enough, nobody has had anything negative to say toward me.

According to one black girl I know, I'm supposed to be public enemy number one. The only people that have made it obvious were older black women giving us kudos. Maybe because once a more liberal gorup of people hit a certain age, you figure out that it's not so much race but finding a quality person.
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